The Legend of Merry Bell Soap

For users who prefer cooling herbal scent, the name “Merry Bell Soap” is surely in their minds for a long time as the producer still maintains its uniqueness of traditional herbal formula for more than 30 years. Currently the product is under the management of Mr.Wannachai Suraamornrathana, Suwannamonkol Production Co.,Ltd. Mr.Wannachai says that the history of Merry Bell Soap started from his father’s small business which was a production of Perfumed powder (Pang Rum), a facial powder, located at Chakawad Pier. Later on, Madame Heng-his mother initiated a new herbal formula which is Camphor soap – or a well-known name for Thai called “Ginger Soap” which is a traditional formula without oil extracted from animal. Main ingredients of Ginger Soap are Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, and many more herbs that help skin cleansing and give cool scent that suit to hot and humid climate in Thailand and these qualities bring this soap very well-known and well-accepted. At the beginning, there was no commercial name for this product. After Mr.Wannachai became a caretaker of this business, he started to develop new packaging and to register a commercial name. He used English because, at that time, it was a Western’s culture to party and celebrate during Christmas and he thought about the word “Merry Christmas” which means blessing, then he adapted and named to his soap as “Merry Bell”. The name is on red label and registered the brand name “Merry Bell” with the “Bell logo” at Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, Tien Pier. Beside Merry Bell soap, the company developed another special formula of extracted herbal soap called “ Extracted Herbal Soap Merry Bell (Madame Heng)” which is segmented to be distribute and sold in leading department stores and pharmacies which maintain the traditional packaging of original formula, using an eye attraction colors of red-black-yellow with the image of Madame Heng on the packaging to show his respect to his mother, Madame Heng, a back up of this success, who is now 80 years old and remains healthy. Although this product has been in the market for nearly 20 years, the owner still maintains its original label because he wants to keep the traditional and classical design of this soap and believes that the users is the one who proof the quality.






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